Bespoke work space just for you

My home office is full of my favourite things! It’s my special place for peace and inspiration away from day to day home life. It’s my haven where I can really focus and let my imagination flow.

I am surrounded with special arrangements of photographs of my children, family and friends and even a cosy corner for the dog! I find ‘me’ in my office, its my zone out space from everyday life where my creative thoughts can run wild!

Bespoke work spaces are so important, sometimes its the only space in your home that is truly your own. It’s not just the practicalities of an office thats important. I absolutely love my hand made reclaimed office desk made from old scaffold boards and hair pin legs. Set against the dark blue walls it looks striking. My favourite chair and the perfect lighting really makes this office my own.

Desks tailor made to your size and requirements contact me for more information.

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