Funky outdoor dining this Summer!

I’m so thrilled with this outdoor seating area! The space was originally taken up by a wooden playhouse for the children which never got used.

I love a bit of up-cyling! Three old scaffold boards and a scaffold pole was all that was needed to make the design. After a bit of sanding and oil stain the boards look fantastic and it’s created a really unique bar that will stand up to the changeable weather conditions. A really low budget project that sits perfectly in this garden!

It has provided a well needed space to entertain safely outside, to dine from, work from and just generally hang out !

Quick & easy fireplace revamp

Lockdown like many of us caused me to look at my home in more depth. All those little jobs and tweaks have been given the time they needed!

Simply painting the surround of my Edwardian stone fireplace has totally transformed the room! Once a dark, dated fireplace is now a stylish period feature.

I really love these miniature logs that I found online which look great stacked together in this way.

I am so pleased with the finished look and it wasn’t expensive at all. I used ‘Zinzer BIN primer sealer’ first and then the colour on top! You have to be careful with the primer and stir it well as it’s quite runny! I had to get it on fast and make sure it was brushed out as it goes off very quickly!

The art of displaying frames

Arranging favourite frames and photographs can really provide a statement to a room or wall, especially when beautiful frames are placed together.

Having special memories, photographs, awards, quotes or childrens drawings displayed around your home gives a massive sense of warmth and love. Even just a favourite beautiful frame placed with other special objects can totally transform an empty space or corner. Frames are incredibly interesting and inviting and tell a story of your life.

I offer a personalised framing and display service. Together we can arrange those special memories to enhance the beauty of your home and style.

It really is these personal touches that make a house a home.

Mini pallet design

After finding these mini pallets in my garden, I painted them with an off white shabby chic style paint finish. They look stunning set against the old brickwork of my house. Fill with your favourite plants in different style pots for a country cottage look.

The perfect addition to any outside wall. Team it up with candles and fairy lights for the perfect ambience in the evening.

Kitchen cupboards

Spring cleaning kitchen cupboards can be very rewarding, it’s great to get organised before the warmer weather! Various baskets, containers and crates all from a selection at Ikea. I found a great company called ‘Lesonic’ which are sold through Amazon for the chalk stickers and ‘eBoot’ for the mini signs.

When you are organising think of the children and what they can reach, it makes life easier when they can help themselves to breakfast cereals and healthy snacks.

Spring entrance

Tired of a cluttered hallway? No where to store that unopened post and full of shoes? Sound familiar?
Freshen up your hallway for spring with a simple console table. Not only will it provide an elegant feature, but a gallery of your favourite photographs, a place for fresh spring flowers and a neat tuck away for shoes and paperwork. The kids endless pairs of shoes can easily be thrown into a basket.

A clear space is a clear mind and a beautiful entrance is a welcoming home

Mood boards

Detailed mood boards are part of the personalised bespoke service that I offer.

My brief was to produce a stylish sitting room with a ‘French Chateau’ theme. The sitting room looks out over my client Linda’s beautiful garden and she asked if I could bring the outside within. I managed this in a subtle way without loosing sight of the sophisticated look she was after.

I was thrilled to discover William Morris had launched a fabric! His designs have been stripped back and a very beautiful fabric line called ‘Pure Strawberry’ has been created through clever embroidery. Once this fabric is set amongst accessories like the ‘Cyprus Pots’ it will really bring the stunning garden of this property into the sitting room.



Pallet designs

Designing your own pallet can be so much fun! Whether it’s a mini herb garden or a place to display colourful flowers it’s a great way to liven up a spare wall or fence in your garden. Line a few up together, even add candles or fairy lights for a more dramatic look!

Pallets also look great stood upright as a decorative divide in the garden. You can always cheat like I have and use plastic plants if your pallet divide is in a shady spot! Pots and plants from a selection at Ikea.